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We offer beginners lessons for all new riders and children. Riding lessons are held daily by Susannah or Annabelle Lansdale. Annabelle Lansdale has been riding for over 15 years, studies at "The Equine Institution" and is SafeSport Certified. They are determined to coach new riders in the safety and skills of riding and 3 Day Evening. Students will learn the basics as well as care and maintenance. Our lesson group chat is now available on Stack Team App, in order to join you must sign up by creating an account and then search "Signal Knob."



Susannah Lansdale, owner and trainer, of Signal Knob teaches many lessons throughout the week for advanced riders as well as some beginners. She has been riding horses her entire life and teaching since the 1980's. She also accompanies her students to events and shows which the barn partakes in multiple weekends throughout the month.


We take pride in our facilities at Signal Knob Equestrian Center. We've been boarding horses for over a decade and have space available. The 12x12 stales are cleaned and maintained every morning after the horses are feed. On normal days the horses will go out in the morning for 2-3 hours. With weekly visits from our farrier, Riley Vickers, and others, your horse's grooming care will never be a question. Please contact us for more information involving rates and questions

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Where Students Come First

Signal Knob Equestrian Center was created out of the love and passion for the sport. Since opening in 1991, Susannah Lansdale has had the opportunity to help countless students reach their goals and compete at higher levels. 

The facility is located just East of Evansville Indiana at 5300 Heckel Road and includes two barns that hold over 40 horses, four pastures, an outdoor arena, wooden trails, cross country and show jumping course, as well as dressage arenas. 

Known as one of the best Equestrian Center in the Evansville area, Signal Knob provides a wide range of lessons for students from all backgrounds and levels. Signal Knob is also a member of the United States Evening Association. Contact us with questions or to learn more!

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August 1, 2023

August 26, 2023


$10 Class Entry Fee

$5 Schooling Fee for a Class

$15 Haul In Fee

$ 20 Stall Fee

Class Schedule:

11 am Ground Poles

Cross Rails 

1 Foot

1 Foot 6 inches

2 Foot

2 Foot 6 inches

3 Foot

Entry Link:

Sign ups will be taken up until August 24th at 11:59pm.  If any changes need to be made, they will be made by August 25th, 12pm. Please speak with your instructor prior to signing up for a level to ensure that you are placed in the best course. Only course that will be scored and awarded ribbons are the ones a riders entered in, schooling will not be judged or awarded ribbons. Schooling rounds will take place at the end of a class before jump change for the following class, if there is no riders wishing to school we will continue on to the next class on the schedule. Ribbons 1-4th will be announced following the totaling of the scores rounds. Riders are allowed to sign up for as many classes as they wish to participate in. All courses must be memorized prior to course it cannot be read to them throughout their original ride, during schooling rounds however the trainer may join them in the ring. Rider may only school at the height that is currently being ridden. Times will be depending on schooling rounds so please arrive by the start of the show to ensure that if we are running ahead or behind you’re prepared. Warm up will be available throughout the event.

Payments may be made at the end of your show day, failure to do so will result in inability to return to future shows. Payment for classes and schooling rounds will be totaled and payable at the check in desk or with Annabelle Lansdale. Please sign up on link to what you believe you will be participating in so that we can get a count. Classes will possibly be canceled if we feel we don’t have enough entries so don’t wait till day of because they may no longer be available.

Payment Types: Cash, Checks (made out to Anna Belle Lansdale), Venmo: @Annabelle-1223, CashApp $Annabelle3025

For all of your questions or concerns please contact Annabelle Lansdale at 812-319-8505. 



February 4, 2025

The Stack Team App is FREE. Please download Stack Team App, search for 'Signal Knob' and request to join then wait for a trainer to accept.

iOS: Android: If you’d prefer the website version please click here:



April 23, 2023

Our goal is continue to grow the equine community by not only making it more available but more accepting as well. 
And this has been a big week for our program at Signal Knob Equestrian Center. We got the chance to spread the word about our program and our goals for its future to more people! I think it was extremely important for people to not only get to understand why I started this program but the importance behind it.
If you told me even two years ago that I’d be presenting a TED Talk, I would have laughed in your face not only because I know that I’m often a ball full of nerves when talking in front of people but because I like many of you have watched numerous TED Talks and every speaker I watched was either extremely knowledgeable or motivational. Then and sometimes even now, i feel those words could never describe me. I am still learning, I am still growing and trying to improve. So how can I impact others? I would have never believed that I could stand up on that stage and bring either of those traits to the table. 
But as I sat there listening to all those admirable people who went on this week before me, I learned about a little thing called imposter syndrome, It occurs when you never think what you do will be enough. That your always falling way too short of your dreams while in reality your not and your ahead of the game and being admired by others but you just can’t see it. When you feel like you haven’t made it. Though this presentation may just feel like a little step in my journey to improving and spreading the word about our program, I still need to take a step back and note how far we have made it. I got asked to present a TED Talk on my program and it’s goals. WE HAVE MADE IT. We are making an impact. Day by day. Step by step! No matter how big or small it may be or feel.
But don’t get me wrong this isn’t our last step, our journey is long and hard and none of this would have been possible without Susannah Link Lansdale and all the opportunities she gave me growing up and even now. Without her my program wouldn’t exist. She showed me what a strong individual looks like and how they get back up after every time they may fall, and you will fall along the way. A baby can’t walk perfectly after it’s first steps, it will take a few steps and fall on its butt, but as long as it gets back up it can take a few more. 
I want to thank our students as well, it’s each and every single one of you guys that makes this journey worth it. From seeing the brightness on those little kids faces to hearing the adults stories. You guys are what drive my program. 
Though this is just another small step in my journy to growing the community and giving my students the same opportunities that I may have had in the industry, this is a big step for our program and I still want to acknowledge that! I am thrilled that each of you got to experience it with us. 
For one day all of our students will have the chance to have all of those ribbons lined up on their walls as well!

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5300 Heckel Rd, Evansville, IN 47725, USA

(812) 431-6883

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